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A Slam-Dunk Vehicle for the Holiday-Purchase Market

Posted by InStadium on Jan 12, 2017 11:17:16 AM

Garmin - Boston Celtics - VB and LED.pngThis January kicks off a banner year as consumer and advertiser engagement with sports is expected to remain strong throughout 2017 according to the 2016 PwC Sports Outlook. As InStadium clients know, reaching captivated consumers to build awareness of a brand is a surefire way to turn products into a fan favorite.

Bringing the fans and family together

As it turns out, consumers don't only shop 'til they drop during the holidays, but they often take in a ballgame as well. At a time when the NFL, NBA and NHL are all in season and there is no shortage of events from which to choose. Add in AHL and NCAA football and basketball, and reaching key consumers in the arena is a slam-dunk.


Garmin - Los Angeles Lakers- VB and LED.jpgSome of the most sought after tickets of the year are during the final weeks of December when families come together to celebrate. When you combine the family sports gathering with the shopping and celebration mindset, you get the perfect storm for InStadium advertisers.


Recognizing the value in those factors, a client engaged InStadium in Q4 for the last two years with an eye on the holiday-purchase market. Garmin, the leading name in navigation products and consumer technologies, sought to build awareness among key demographics for its sleek new product: the vívosmart(r) HR Activity Tracker.


Garmin - Dallas Mavericks - VB and LED.jpgA flight featuring InStadium's live engagement platform—a 10-second audio call to action, a 30-second Jumbotron advertisement and 40 seconds of in-bowl LED—spanned hundreds of NBA and NHL games across the country. Delivering the Garmin product message on hundreds of the largest screens in America connected our client's brand with the top-tier consumers Garmin wanted to reach. InStadium, leveraging pregame and in-game tactics within our network of venues, helped deliver more than 10 million adult impressions and massive gains in brand recall, preference and purchase intent.

Partnering for future success

Enthusiastic about the results of their prior December's program, Garmin extended the campaign into January 2016 and has returned to partner with InStadium again this past holiday season.



To learn more about our work with these and other clients, see our case studies. To enquire about partnering with InStadium and to discover all the benefits of a venue network and customizable flight options, contact us.  And if you like what you've read, subscribe to our blog with the button below!


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