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A Slam-Dunk Vehicle for the Holiday-Purchase Market

There's Nothing Like the Live Experience

When brands have something important to share and need a powerful medium to communicate that message, they turn to InStadium. We make it possible for your brand message to be seen and heard by a superior live sports audience. With the nation’s biggest live sports fan engagement platform, InStadium reaches consumers at scale and in the moments where they best connect with brands. Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Live. Contact us at info@instadium.com or here


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Where Brands Connect With Fans

InStadium is the leading fan engagement platform used by national brands to make meaningful connections with fans. Through the live sports network and its powerful media options, advertisers can:

  • Access a network of 425+ professional and collegiate teams across 9 leagues
  • Customize a program across any of 160+ DMAs for any time period
  • Segment and reach a defined target market from 160M+ event attendees annually

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