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Do you want to buy impressions or make impressions?

Posted by InStadium on Jan 11, 2018 4:07:57 PM

With the Super Bowl coming, the advertising world trains its eye on those little 2-3 minute breaks in the action to see which new, creative commercial makes us laugh or cry or roll our eyes or look around the room with the bewildered “I didn’t get that, did you?” look.  Brands and advertisers spend a fortune on these ads, hoping to strike gold and deliver something memorable that “moves the needle.”  In fact, it’s estimated that for every minute of actual game play, the Super Bowl generated over $45 million in TV-advertising revenue.  That’s a lot of dough, as huge chunks of media budgets get spent on one night.  It’s also a lot of impressions, which is exactly what brands and advertisers are trying to buy – huge numbers of impressions. 

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But is that enough?  Is it the smart thing to do?  Does it work?  There are examples on the “yes” and the “no” side of all those questions, certainly, and the debate continues.  At InStadium, we like to ask the question: Do you want to buy impressions or make impressions? Meaning, if you’re interested in only accumulating impressions, we might not be for you.  However, if you’re interested in reaching millions but in a unique, targeted, and experiential way, our network and our audience present an incredible opportunity to leverage that amazing creative.


Whether you’re advertising during the Super Bowl or not, we have a solution for you.  The live sports environment and audience deliver attention and engagement.  Our network of professional and collegiate teams across the country deliver scale, and our digital and mobile assets deliver breakthrough. 

Take a look at some sample programs that can be fully customized to fit your brand, timing, and budget here.  Stop buying mass impressions and start making an impression with your target consumer.  With InStadium.

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When brands have something important to share and need a powerful medium to communicate that message, they turn to InStadium. We make it possible for your brand message to be seen and heard by a superior live sports audience. With the nation’s biggest live sports fan engagement platform, InStadium reaches consumers at scale and in the moments where they best connect with brands. Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Live. Contact us at info@instadium.com or here


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InStadium is the leading fan engagement platform used by national brands to make meaningful connections with fans. Through the live sports network and its powerful media options, advertisers can:

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