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InStadium: Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Live.

Posted by InStadium on Jul 27, 2017 1:37:00 PM

All great brands - big and small, new and established - fight to break through to their target audience.  Especially in today's world, where the channels and mediums are constantly expanding and message frequency is ever-increasing, it's more difficult than ever to break through.  In the digital world, programmatic ads are served based on complex algorithms and brands are left trusting that they're reaching who they think they're reaching.  In the out-of-home space, typical placements seem to have lost their luster.  There's still one place, however, where brands can trust they'll be seen and be heard, and it's the live environment.  


The live environment is a place where ideas, stories, and moments begin.  A place where an extraordinary group of consumers come together to experience something special.  Engaged fans gather to relax, cut loose, get away from daily stessors, and take it all in.  This environment is a place where brands can cut through the clutter and reach an audience that is engaged, ready to learn something new, and open to interacting with brands.  Especially compared to other media, the live environment is a place where brands can be confident that they will be seen and heard.

Be seen

The visual assets that are used in the live sports environment are unmatched.  Some of the biggest screens in the world are located in America's sports stadiums, and InStadium provides an opportunity for brands to take advantage of these impressive and captivating screens.  The LED digital ribbons that accompany InStadium Game Day Media provide another layer of visual impression that ensures the brand messaging breaks through. Additionally, a key component to reaching your target is the mobile and social integration that InStadium can provide. Using our geo-fencing capabilities, InStadium can ensure the live fan is reached not just in the moment at the live event, but via mobile ads for weeks afterwards. 

Be seen in the live environment.png

Be Heard

What's the only out-of-home advertising option that includes audio?  You guessed it.  InStadium and the live environment. We've talked before about how the PA announcer is a brand hero in stadiums and arenas, as the booming audio coming from on high can captivate an audience and direct their attention to a video board.  

be live

At the end of the day, it all comes down to being there.  At InStadium, we've been at this for some time and have done the research* to show the impact of this environment.  

  • 82% of live venue attendees considered themselves to be very open to learning new things - 22% more likely than those about to consume home media
  • 38% of live venue fans agree that the game will be the highlight of their day
  • 68% of live venue fans agree that they're really looking forward to the game
  • 57% of live venue fans consider the live event a special occasion

Being live matters.  This is a place like no other, where brands reach their best customers.  Where brands go to be seen and be heard.  

Contact us today to talk about how you can ensure your brand breaks through in the live environment.

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*Statistics used are from a proprietary InStadium study done by Sports and Leisure Research Group. 

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InStadium is the nation’s largest fan engagement platform, leveraging partnerships with more than 425 professional and collegiate sports teams among nine leagues nationwide. Powered by live sports, we create compelling brand engagement opportunities for Fortune 500 clients on game day - at more than 675 stadiums and arenas - and beyond, through rich mobile and social programs tailored to live sports fans. We help brands engage with fans before, during, and after their stadium experience.  Be a part of it. Contact us at info@instadium.com or here


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