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InStadium Program Category: Entertainment

Posted by InStadium on Apr 27, 2017 1:02:00 PM

InStadium helps brands engage with the live audience like no one else can. Our live sports fan engagement platform leverages a multichannel approach to reach your best customers in the moment when their senses are heightened and they're ready to make a lasting connection with your brand. The live environment is where brands break through and efficiently connect with their target audience.

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Within the entertainment category, we've had great success delivering targeted and customizable activations that help brands become an unshakeable part of memorable experiences. Over the last couple of years, we've worked with a number of different brands and agencies within the entertainment category to build awareness for new shows and movies, build targeted conversion via mobile, and launch new products. We've built programs that work by leveraging our network and expertise, but more importantly, by leveraging the live environment. What better environment to showcase the excitement and entertainment value of a new show, movie, or video game than live, in front of tens of thousands of engaged fans?

Take a look at some of our most recent activations within the entertainment category to get a clear idea of how InStadium can help bring your brand to life ⇒ Entertainment Category Activations

As summer approaches, what better way to build awareness for your summer blockbuster or TV series launch than via the biggest video screens on Earth? How about also coordinating your message to reach those same fans via the mobile screens that never leave their side?  InStadium is where brands go to be seen and be heard, live.

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InStadium is the nation’s largest fan engagement platform, leveraging partnerships with more than 425 professional and collegiate sports teams among nine leagues nationwide. Powered by live sports, we create compelling brand engagement opportunities for Fortune 500 clients on game day - at more than 675 stadiums and arenas - and beyond, through rich mobile and social programs tailored to live sports fans. We help brands engage with fans before, during, and after their stadium experience.  Be a part of it. Contact us at info@instadium.com or here


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Where Brands Connect With Fans

InStadium is the leading fan engagement platform used by national brands to make meaningful connections with fans. Through the live sports network and its powerful media options, advertisers can:

  • Access a network of 425+ professional and collegiate teams across 9 leagues
  • Customize a program across any of 160+ DMAs for any time period
  • Segment and reach a defined target market from 160M+ event attendees annually

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