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Leveraging Multi-Channel to Be Seen and Heard

Posted by InStadium on Dec 7, 2017 2:04:00 PM

At InStadium, we’re committed to creating memorable experiences and brand heroes.  Our expertise, expansive network, and technology platform are all designed to bring ridiculous value to our clients. 

We do this in a number of ways.  Our network of teams and leagues is critical to allowing brands to access live sports in hyper-targeted ways or at unparalleled scale.  We make activating league sponsorships easy.  We provide captivating and immersive platforms for brands to launch new products and services.  And we deliver efficient, memorable, and measurable fan engagement on game day and beyond.

InStadium Mobile engagement

Our game day engagement is well-documented and is truly "can't-miss media."  We get brands front and center on the biggest screens on Earth, supported by booming pubic address announcements and immersive LED crowd rings, all in front of a superior audience that is in-the-moment and ready to engage.  But as we all know, our world is becoming increasingly mobile.  If you take a look around the next time you’re at a live sports event, you’ll notice that consumer interaction via mobile phones is the norm.  

In a recent article published on The Drum, Michael Feeley discusses the evolution of how mobile is used within live sports.  “Sport is no longer something that only happens in a stadium or on television. It’s happening across multiple screens, with 90% of sports fans saying they use a mobile device while watching games. What’s more, our data shows that mobile usage of Facebook increases during the commercial breaks of major TV shows and football matches.”

It’s more important than ever to be in front of valuable consumers in an environment where they’re most receptive.  We know the live sports environment to be one of those places.  It’s also critical to be a part of their mobile experience. Our InStadium Mobile product, which leverages our mobile stadium geo-fencing network, allows brands to amplify their fan engagement during their in-venue brand activation and also for weeks after game day.  


Game day and beyond - mobile advertising

We've combined powerful technologies to build the nation’s largest temporal, geo-targeted mobile network focused on live sports fans. We have over 675 geo-fenced arenas across the country, truly bringing unmatched scale and targeted reach to our clients.  Activating in these arenas on game day and in the weeks beyond has produced unduplicated monthly reach of 95% and InStadium programs have seen mobile campaign performances that are 10 times industry benchmarks.  

Brands can amplify their current marketing messages as well as create new ones by programmatically serving mobile ads to fans on game day and in the weeks following.  Using InStadium to extend the conversation outside of the bowl, where fans can take action, eliminates the need for additional vendors and increases unique reach and frequency of the program overall.  

Are you ready to access the superior audience of the live environment on your own terms?  Are you ready to immerse them with your brand and then continually engage them for weeks after their memorable game day experience?  Then it's time to contact InStadium.

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InStadium is the nation’s largest fan engagement platform, leveraging partnerships with more than 425 professional and collegiate sports teams among nine leagues nationwide. Powered by live sports, we create compelling brand engagement opportunities for Fortune 500 clients on game day - at more than 675 stadiums and arenas - and beyond, through rich mobile and social programs tailored to live sports fans. We help brands engage with fans before, during, and after their stadium experience.  Be a part of it. Contact us at info@instadium.com or here


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InStadium is the leading fan engagement platform used by national brands to make meaningful connections with fans. Through the live sports network and its powerful media options, advertisers can:

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