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Premium Out of Home: InStadium vs. Cinema

Posted by InStadium on Jun 1, 2017 2:09:00 PM

Capturing consumer attention and breaking through with meaningful and memorable messaging is easier said than done.  With myriad media types, complex approaches to consumer contact strategy, and an ever-changing digital marketing and advertising landscape, it’s safe to say that there’s no “silver bullet” or magic formula for finding and reaching your best consumer – much less reaching them when they’re ready to be reached in a way that inspires action. 

One specific media space that continues to push the limit on engaging consumers live and in the moment is premium out of home (OOH).  This space includes media placed in venues such as movie theaters, airports, Times Square, and live sports venues, among others.  The primary focus is often engaging with consumers while they are live and in a state of increased engagement.  The InStadium live sports audience and the cinema audience are two of the more compelling places where brands invest to reach superior audiences during important, compelling moments.

The Audiences

We’ve all taken part in the cinema and live sports venue experience.  From an advertiser’s perspective, both venues present unique opportunities to connect with a captive, valuable audience that is in front of a compelling medium (a giant screen, directly in line-of-sight).  Both the InStadium and cinema footprint present compelling options for scaling a campaign or message, with flexible, nationwide options available in all seasons.  Additionally, these two premium OOH media skew strongly adult and have a built-in, consistent attendance base.  Because of some of these similarities, these two venues happen to be tremendous media plan complements, as their attendance base only narrowly intersects, as seen in the chart below.

InStadium audience versus Cinema audience

The Environment

While both cinema and live sports venues are valuable and complementary audiences, the InStadium audience begins to distinguish itself when digging into true advertising opportunity for engagement and effective results.  Per the chart below, the live sports audience indexes at a much higher rate in terms of brand recall as compared to cinema and the general population. When presented with brand messaging in these particular OOH environments, consumers are more than twice as likely to recall that ad message as compared to a non-exposed general population.

InStadium audience superior index

Additionally, the live sports experience presents so many more opportunities for interaction and consumer connectivity.  Where cinema may discourage mobile usage during their events, the live environment encourages team and brand interaction in innumerable ways.  From text-to-win sweepstakes and video board/LED integration to sports-themed, rich-media mobile ads triggered by geo-fences and the booming audio of the PA announcer, the live environment offers unique and lasting ways to connect with an audience that is unmatched in the premium out of home space.  When building a plan to reach a valuable, engaged audience that also happens to be ready to interact and in a heightened state of awareness, the InStadium network is where brands go to drive breakthrough, recall, and superior consumer connectivity.

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