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Proprietary Research Shows the Power of Stadium Synergy

Posted by InStadium on Oct 19, 2017 2:10:00 PM

Numerous studies in recent years have examined the subconscious impact of cross-channel marketing. In their Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Study, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Research Now found that digital (desktop, mobile, in-app) concurrently executed with traditional media (TV, print, OOH) consistently drove greater lift across key brand metrics than traditional media alone. While traditional accounted for over half of this lift, digital exposure accounted for over 40% in all cases. Given that digital typically has a smaller footprint in campaigns, it is not only positively additive, but is so in an outsized way.

live sports and mobile synergy


In another study, Beyond Out of Home, which we covered in an earlier blog, Nero-Insight and Ocean Outdoor determined that premium digital out-of-home (DOOH), or OOH located at iconic sites, positively primes mobile advertising. Priming is a memory effect where exposure to one ad influences the response to another. When these two entities were combined, the net effect was synergistic. In other words, 1+1=3.

This Stadium Synergy Study seeks to determine if these phenomena are applicable to stadium advertising. More specifically, what is the impact of combining Live InStadium Media with InStadium Mobile and, if positive, what is driving that amplification?

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InStadium selected 8 MiLB teams across 2 DMAs and split them into two groups. Group A viewed creative via Live InStadium Media and was subsequently retargeted with the same campaign on InStadium Mobile. Group B was simply exposed to the creative on InStadium Mobile.

While this structure was imposed to control for outside factors as best we could, minor discrepancies with attendance, ticket price, crowd demographics, and stadium location likely existed.

In addition to targeting those that breached the geo-fence, we also served mobile ads to lookalikes, whom we will refer to as Group C. As Group C did not attend a game, but mirrors Groups A and B across a variety of demographic, behavioral, and contextual segments, we were able to isolate the effect of having attended a game.


When comparing Group A to B, exposure to Live InStadium Media increased mobile engagement with these ads by 26%, demonstrating its ability to successfully prime mobile advertising. The results also reveal that simply having attended a game increased the likelihood of mobile engagement with these ads by 92%, as seen in Group B vs C. Finally, regardless of game attendance, when comparing Group C to the industry average, InStadium Mobile was still able to secure CTRs over 4 times higher.

improved click through rates

This study unequivocally validated the ability of Live InStadium Media to positively prime InStadium Mobile. On a macro level, this means that the market success of a campaign is not determined just by the original point of viewing, but also by the subsequent interactions encountered in the broader media universe.

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As brands and agencies seek to amplify the effectiveness of their multi-channel marketing campaigns, they should harness the priming impact of Live InStadium Media. The addition of InStadium Mobile makes it a particularly potent mix, ensuring that you reach the same audience with an identical or related message. Through this study, we were able to con rm that synergy truly does exist in stadium advertising. However, rather than 1+1=3, perhaps, in this case, 1+1=10.

InStadium is committed to learning more about how the live environment affects how fans interact with stadium advertising. This live environment continues to be a place where a superior audience gathers and engages, and as InStadium expands its experiential and social capabilities, even more will be uncovered.

*This program InStadium executed with Minor League Baseball has recently been selected as a finalist in the 2017 MediaPost Digital Out Of Home Awards.  Click here to see the full list of finalists!*

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