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6 Things You Should Know about InStadium

Posted by InStadium on Mar 9, 2017 11:10:00 AM

At InStadium, we're passionate about connecting brands in unique and strategic ways with the live audience that stadiums provide. We love our work and we're energized by delivering for our clients. We also want you to get to know us, our work, and our network better. Here are 6 things we think you should know about InStadium. 


#1 the Live environment is a powerful environment

Being in a stadium, in the live environment, is powerful and unique. Anyone who has ever been to an at-capacity hockey game, a matchup of rival NBA teams, or even spent a warm summer evening outside at a minor league baseball game knows that there's something special about being there live. You're a part of it. People become different versions of themselves at the live event – they become more engaged, more attentive, and, in turn, more brand conscious and loyal. And with assets that include some of the largest screens on earth for ultimate engagement, it becomes brand power that you can feel.

#2 The Live Audience is A Powerful Audience

The average live-event fan has superior value with very strong spending power and an influential reach.  Connecting with such a desirable and valuable target audience allows for more efficient campaigns with less waste.  The live audience is also elusive when they're outside the arena, consuming less television and more difficult to reach with traditional media. 

#3 The Instadium network delivers access and reach

Building relationships across the sports world affords us unparalleled access to teams, stadiums, and creative brand activations. We work with more than 425 teams across 9 professional and collegiate leagues in more than 160 DMAs. This network has the power to reach 160M+ people in an efficient and targeted way.

#4 instadium's multi-channel approach is the spark that ignites the program

Going to a sporting event is about more than just the game. We accompany the fan on their game day journey like no one else can - pregame, in-game, and postgame - to extend the conversation and create a spark that makes your entire media plan more effective.  Engaging with the fan in multiple channels, including mobile, video, display, audio, and social allows us to reach more people for a longer duration, creating breakthrough.  This approach, accompanied by our superior audience target, allows us to deliver more efficient click-through rates - mobile CTR of 2-3% versus industry averages of 0.5%.

#5 at instadium, We are experts in what we do

We’ve run many programs, big and small, simple and complex. We have solutions to meet just about any client need, at any budget and during any time of the year. Our long-standing credibility from doing this for over a decade provides tremendous context and access.

#6 instadium makes it easy to be a part of it

When you work with InStadium, you have one contract and one point of contact, which means a more efficient reach and spend. Simplifying your process also allows for simpler capture and evaluation of metrics.  Getting into sports no longer requires season-long media buys or expensive sponsorships as we can provide access on a flighted media basis.  


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InStadium is the nation’s largest fan engagement platform, leveraging partnerships with more than 425 professional and collegiate sports teams among nine leagues nationwide. Powered by live sports, we create compelling brand engagement opportunities for Fortune 500 clients on game day - at more than 675 stadiums and arenas - and beyond, through rich mobile and social programs tailored to live sports fans. We help brands engage with fans before, during, and after their stadium experience.  Be a part of it. Contact us at info@instadium.com or here


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InStadium is the leading fan engagement platform used by national brands to make meaningful connections with fans. Through the live sports network and its powerful media options, advertisers can:

  • Access a network of 425+ professional and collegiate teams across 9 leagues
  • Customize a program across any of 160+ DMAs for any time period
  • Segment and reach a defined target market from 160M+ event attendees annually

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