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The InStadium Advantage

Posted by InStadium on Feb 8, 2018 2:02:00 PM

There’s a reason we call ourselves “unmatched” in the world of sports marketing and advertising.  The world’s best brands turn to InStadium because we are the market leader in live sports advertising and we have the biggest and most powerful network.  We also have the expertise the build a custom program for brands that match up targeted DMAs, audiences, timing, and budget.  With team representation from 9 professional and collegiate sports leagues – totaling over 425 teams – and a reach of more than 14 million fans per month, InStadium places brands front-and-center like no other sports marketing company can.

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Especially when being compared to other sports marketing and media companies, it is important to highlight these key differences:

  1. InStadium is the only network that exclusively provides the assets that, in combination, have been proven to deliver the most consistent and significant impact for brands. This combination of video boards, LEDs, and PA announcements is what allows brand messages to break through, and it’s something that InStadium does that other companies do not.
  2. InStadium delivers scale. We get brands access to in-bowl assets like video boards, LEDs, and PA announcements across teams and leagues on a flighted basis. In-bowl means the giant video boards, not concourse or lounge TVs. Other companies cannot consistently deliver in-bowl assets and cannot do it at the scale that InStadium can.  We make it easy to get into live sports at scale on the biggest and most powerful assets in sports.
  3. We are laser-focused on delivering programs that help brands connect with their target consumers in the live environment. We believe this environment is powerful and we’re focused on engaging fans with powerful messages in the moment.  Other sports marketing and media companies might be more focused on delivering TV-visible signage to an audience that is increasingly difficult to engage.  They claim to have ‘high-impact visibility’ but TV-visible screens that sometimes pop up on highlight reels just don’t measure up to the power of connecting with live fans via the biggest screens on Earth.
  4. From a mobile and social perspective, InStadium is at the forefront. We have more than 635 geo-fenced arenas and can serve contextual mobile ads to fans during game day and beyond at any sports stadium or arena in America.  Our social ambassador and influencer capabilities allow brands to leverage the social reach and influence of sports stars to further amplify their sports marketing efforts. 

We could go on what we think makes InStadium the superior live sports option - but the real validation is the results our clients see.  

Is it time for your brand to be front-and-center on your timeline and on your budget?  Contact us today.

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When brands have something important to share and need a powerful medium to communicate that message, they turn to InStadium. We make it possible for your brand message to be seen and heard by a superior live sports audience. With the nation’s biggest live sports fan engagement platform, InStadium reaches consumers at scale and in the moments where they best connect with brands. Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Live. Contact us at info@instadium.com or here


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Where Brands Connect With Fans

InStadium is the leading fan engagement platform used by national brands to make meaningful connections with fans. Through the live sports network and its powerful media options, advertisers can:

  • Access a network of 425+ professional and collegiate teams across 9 leagues
  • Customize a program across any of 160+ DMAs for any time period
  • Segment and reach a defined target market from 160M+ event attendees annually

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