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The Old Way vs. The InStadium Way

Posted by InStadium on Mar 30, 2017 1:57:00 PM

In the world of sports marketing, sports media, fan engagement, and brand activation, there is a clear difference between the "old way" of installing activations and campaigns and the way that process exists with InStadium. At InStadium, securing access to the live environment and the live audience is easy. Our relationships, network, creativity, and expertise make activating your brand and capitalizing on the power of the live event a seamless and turnkey process. Here's why:


#1 Year-long sponsorships can get pricey

Not only can the multiyear deals get expensive, they don't allow the flexibility and efficiency that flighted media does with InStadium. Activate when you want to activate, spend what you want to spend.

#2 Multichannel amplification

With the old way, brands would typically purchase only a video board spot, an LED ribbon, or a TV commercial. This approach limits breakthrough and is an inefficient way to spend media dollars. With InStadium, brands can truly amplify their message with a multichannel approach, including adding in our mobile platform to extend the conversation for weeks after a game.

#3 One contract. One point of contact.

Activating with multiple teams across a few sports leagues used to mean a half-dozen contracts and twice as many points of contact. With InStadium, brands and agencies can get rid of the clutter. You'll have one point of contact and one contract to activate across all the leagues and teams in your programs.

#4 Strategic targeting = efficient spend

The old way of activating a media plan meant hunting across mediums for the right target. This means you reach a lot of people that are well outside your target audience. That equates to wasted impressions and wasted media dollars. With InStadium, you can activate in the live environment, reaching a superior audience and earning superior conversion rates for your program.

Our goal at InStadium is to make access to the valuable and elusive live audience easy. Enough with the old way - contact us today to map out your brand activation plans.

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InStadium is the nation’s largest fan engagement platform, leveraging partnerships with more than 425 professional and collegiate sports teams among nine leagues nationwide. Powered by live sports, we create compelling brand engagement opportunities for Fortune 500 clients on game day - at more than 675 stadiums and arenas - and beyond, through rich mobile and social programs tailored to live sports fans. We help brands engage with fans before, during, and after their stadium experience.  Be a part of it. Contact us at info@instadium.com or here


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