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The Power of Priming

Posted by InStadium on Apr 6, 2017 2:05:00 PM

Neuroscience Demonstrates the Priming Effect of Premium DOOH Advertising on Other Media

Last month, Location, Location, Location detailed The Science Behind the Art of Outdoor — a study that used modern brain imaging technology to quantify the true impact of premium digital OOH (DOOH). It included a finding that premium DOOH positively primes the impact of standard OOH sites. Priming, a memory effect where exposure to one ad influences the response to another, is a key component in enabling ad recognition. In Nero-Insight and Ocean Outdoor’s newest study, Beyond Out of Home, they explore the neurological effect of premium DOOH on other screen-based media. This is an important finding, so allow InStadium to break it down for you.


To start, two control groups were created. The first group was exposed to the creative on premium DOOH by walking past it on their way to the study location, whereas the second group was exposed to the creative via a TV ad that aired in the holding room. Participants’ attention was never explicitly drawn to either advertising message. The groups were then split further, with half of each group having viewed Brand A’s creative on the medium, versus Brand B, for a total of 4 control groups.

In the holding room, participants then viewed an advertising message in a magazine or on a tablet. In addition to seeking to determine the priming effects of premium DOOH and TV on magazine and mobile online ads, the researchers were also looking to establish whether creative consistency across mediums had an impact.


Firstly, irrespective of creative, simply having been exposed to the priming medium had a positive impact. Those that viewed premium DOOH first responded more strongly to advertising on mobile devices, while those that viewed the television ad first responded more strongly to advertising in magazines. This is attributed to the “congruence effect,” which asserts that the brain is extremely receptive to the power of context, which includes environment and state of mind. DOOH occurs outside of the home, whilst on the go, just like mobile devices; whereas TV and magazine reading tend to be sedentary home activities.

Secondly, regardless of the priming media, when the advertising messages were consistent across mediums, the impact was even stronger. You can see in the graphic below that strong priming results in increased results.

digital priming helps breakthrough.png


This study has clear implications for agencies and brand marketers as they seek to amplify the impact of their multi-channel advertising campaigns. It appears that premium DOOH and mobile are a particularly potent blend, lending the question, are you currently leveraging this combination?

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